"Learn from the masters, follow your own path."

A modern approach to classic yoga asana.

Unlock, release, make space, breath, accept, renew, open and evolve.

Teaching is my sadana - my spiritual practice is to illuminate the way for modern-day yogi's.

Inspired by ancient masters, my passion is to guide you in revealing your own personal path.


Exclusive Community

You know each other from class, but when do you get to hang out?  Now you can with my private online community portal and telegram channel.  Get the latest updates, vibes, transmissions, and inspirations. Join in cacao ceremonies and other special Zoom gatherings.


Space to unravel and feel into the mysteries and messages within your body. Depending on the class, you will explore and journey the full range of your emotional body.


How you value yourself is connected to accountability. When you show up late to class, it signals to me that you don't think you matter. Classes will begin sharply ON TIME. Log in 5-10 minutes early to make sure you get in.


Reverence and Devotion. These classes are like nothing I've experienced anywhere else. It's like being in a temple. This is an alchemical magical container I'm creating for you to show up and receive.

Experience being ALIVE

This is where the magic happens. Class begins with each person sharing, in the chat or out loud, where they are at and how they are feeling. We connect to what is alive in the container. What I teach is channeled by what is present.


Special guest speakers & leaders will be invited to share their expertise on unique & taboo topics

  • Astrology and Metaphysics

  • Human Design and Gene Keys

  • Pleasure and the Erotic

  • Money and Abundance

  • Trauma and Pain

  • Purpose and PRESENCE


Live a longer, stronger, calmer lifeKnow how to stay centered no matter what life throws your wayLift the brain fog to make clearer life choicesSmile with your doctor as your health stats improveRecover faster from injuries, build resilience when accidents happen

EVERY T/TH • 7am & 9AM

$13 / class
$99 / 8 Class pack
$88 / monthly member


You know there is more to learn, there are parts of you still asleep, untapped, unmapped, or even dead. You want to take your practice to the next level, and deeper.

Using a culmination of modalities and clairvoyant intuition, you will receive exactly what you need.

Sign up for a private session where we can go deep, tune into your body and expand your personal practice.


$222 / 2 hours


Space-holding, loving support for when you’re going through a life circumstance where you are needing more structure to help you weather the storm, so to speak. The cost will vary depending on what you need. I have a deep treasure trove of tools at my disposal.


$777 - $5k

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Get access to on-demand library of over 150+ videos, organized by themes for each week.

what student's say...

"I have been doing live, online yoga with PHLUX since my regular gym closed, and I am so spoiled now I will never want to go back. It’s much better than trying to follow a video yoga class, straining to watch the screen as you execute the poses.

Because the classes are small, we get personalized attention. PHLUX is actually cueing us, teaching us, watching us individually. I look forward to it, makes my whole day better.

Every session is slightly different, so I never get bored doing exactly the same sequences; I always feel like I am challenged and getting stronger, but it’s not beyond my capability. I hope it never ends!"


"I highly recommend PHLUX's online classes. The transition from my “normal” comfort zone of practice has been an exciting new experience and a welcoming change for me. I love these classes.

PHLUX is a fabulous teacher. She is very knowledgeable about the body and the mind-body connections. Unlike following a video on line, these classes are live, so you get individual guidance and modifications. I get all the benefits of being in a class, in the comfort of my own home."


"PHLUX's wonderful 'virtual' yoga classes have made self isolation during the Covid crisis so much better! Along with helping me stay fit, these classes are keeping me calm and centered during this stressful time."

• Julia

"It has really started to restore my sense of self, and given me a peaceful place in the morning. I'm amazed at how positive the yoga experience can be, even virtually, largely due to her teaching style, her presence, her attention. It's made a huge difference. I don't know what I'd be doing without it."


"PHLUX is an amazing yoga instructor!!! She is so passionate about yoga and it shines through in all her classes!

I'm a beginner and it can be intimidating but she has been so patient with me and helps with the poses so that I do them correctly.

Each class is different, which makes her style of teaching awesome! I look forward to every practice and she inspires me to be the best I can be!"


"Sometimes the idea of trying something new can be uncomfortable, but when PHLUX Yoga came across my instagram feed with an offer for whole body and soul wellness, I just couldn’t refuse.

The first class was challenging for me, but I felt wonderful after I was done mentally and physically. PHLUX yoga provides a comfortable atmosphere for all. I am already looking forward to my next class and email! HOORAY!!"


"Daily yoga each morning with you before I jump into my life has been just what I need. Literally. The weeks of the pandemic, stay at home, home schooling my 2 girls, no work, no gym, no social life, the new normal... has been wonderful and stressful all in one.

Since beginning my yoga practice, despite the condition of my body and life- injuries, surgery, pregnancies, age and more... yoga always is something I can do to make me feel good (body and mind). It is something I can do alone, but finding a good instructor elevates it. Thank you for your classes!! The daily class helps keeps me consistent, too."


"PHLUX's classes are always well thought out and methodical, there's always a purpose for each pose in her sequence. Her use of props helps me access and open targeted parts of my body, bringing about greater body awareness."


"I just took PHLUX's zoom class. Instead of just putting us in poses and leaving us to hold them, I thought it was great that she talked us through every one of them, reminding us constantly of the areas we should be focused on and giving pointers on anything that we should be careful not to do. It was as close as possible to a good in-person class, in which the teacher is watching you to make sure you're not doing something that could harm you."


"Since the shut down due to Covid19 I’ve attended PHLUX’s online yoga classes. Have you ever had the feeling that you have found the right class? That is me. It’s not the just the yoga that makes you feel good but more importantly it is the teacher communication, wisdom and ability to connect to your body as well as her commitment to find balance in every posture.

She is meticulous and will correct you kindly explaining with detail your moves so you can feel challenged and empowered. By the end of the class she sings beautifully a short mantra bringing you to a calm state. It’s feels like having a personal coach in the comfort of your own home. I’m very grateful to have PHLUX as a teacher!!!"


We're in this together...

No matter where you start on the yoga path, you're never alone.
I'm honored for the privilege to be your teacher along the way.
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Thank you for connecting! I look forward to sharing space with you soon. If you need to reach me directly feel free to email me.



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